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Drum klemmen heftruck bevestiging


Drum Clamps
Arm design for handling standard 55-gallon drums
Replaceable rubber faced arm pads
Regenerative hydraulic valving

Our forklift drum clamps include side-shift and rotating 2 drums clamp, side-shift and rotating 4 drums clamp.


1.Forklift Drum clamps are used wherever product is stored in drums, including the petroleum, chemical and food processing industries.

2.Forklift Drum clamps improve productivity by allowing a forklift driver to handle up to four drums per load. In addition, the use of a drum clamp allows the driver to securely grip the drums for transporting. This eliminates instability during braking and cornering, which is a common problem when attempting to handle drum with conventional forks.



-Bewezen, duurzame T-balk arm en aluminium frameconstructie.
-Superior arm-slide materiaal en ontwerp voor een langere levensduur.
-Arm ontwerp voor het hanteren van standaard 55-gallon drums --- standaard
- Vervangbare rubberen onderleggers
-Regeneratieve hydraulische klep voor optimale armsnelheid


- Aangepaste armradius voor speciale drummaten
-Aangepaste armen voor vezels en voor plastic vaten
- Aangepaste armlengtes
- Snelkoppeling loskoppelen
- Aangepaste openingsbereiken

HeftrucktrommelklemSide-shifting drum clamp, for 2 drums
[email protected]DTS15D-001AII395-1545225435940645285145100
[email protected]DTS15D-002AII485-1600225435865620270140107
[email protected]DTS15D-003AII520-1750225435940620295145104
Rotating drum clamp, for 2 drums
[email protected]DTR20D-004A
Side-shifting drum clamp, for 4 drums
[email protected]DTS15D-004AII335-14802251060940645385147290
[email protected]DTS15D-005AII420-15502251060865620370142312
[email protected]DTS20D-006AII460-16902251060940645395147295
Rotating drum clamp, for 4 drums
[email protected]DFR20D-008A



snelle details

Plaats van herkomst: Fujian, China (vasteland)
Merknaam: HUAMAI
Model Number: Drum Clamps
Materiaal: staal
Certification: ISO9001:2000
Mounting Class: 2A-3A
Drum sizse: 55 gallon drum


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